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The Mandate and Core Business of ANDA

The Five Year Corporate of Alfred Nzo Development Agency is structured taking into consideration the dictates of the current socio political and economic environment operating in South Africa, the National Development Plan and other National Policy Directives, the Province’s Local Economic Development Strategy and other provincial directives and the Integrated Development Plan of the Alfred Nzo District Municipality (ANDM). The expectations and the needs of stakeholders have also been taken into consideration, per the IDP, as these will dictate the degree to which the organisation can achieve its stated objectives.

ANDM as shareholder has refined the Mandate and the Core Business with the Agency. The programmes and product offerings have been further developed and refined.

ANDA’s Mandate:

The mandate of the Agency therefore is to:

  • To act as the operational arm of the Municipality for the purposes of implementing economic, social and environmental policies and projects within ANDM;
  • To develop the innovation and entrepreneurial potential and activity which supports and drives economic growth within ANDM;
  • To leverage public support and private resources for development around opportunities which offer economic and development potential;
  • To acquire, own and manage land and buildings necessary to enable it to achieve its stated aims and objectives;
  • To negotiate, enter into and administer contracts in furtherance of it objectives;
  • To commission, undertake or manage and monitor any programme that may be necessary to further the objectives of The Agency;
  • To act as receiver, manager and/or coordinator/facilitator of technical assistance or development funding programmes provided to the Municipality by non-governmental or governmental institutions and private sector institutions;
  • To acquire and exercise rights and duties, necessary for the furtherance of its objectives, and generally to perform such further functions as may be delegated or assigned to it by the Municipal Council from time to time.

 ANDA’s Core Business

      In line with its mandate, the Agency’s Core Business is to therefore:

  • Attract new business and promote investment in all sectors of the local economy;
  • Promote business retention and renewal, focusing where appropriate on area-specific regeneration initiatives;
  • Enhancing Inward Investment into the local economy;
  • Enhance entrepreneurial skills, skill development and matching the skills of the local labour force with the local economic needs;
  • Promoting and develop business efficiency and competitiveness;
  • Undertake opportunity and market research on an on-going basis to identify opportunities that can be exploited to achieve local, social and economic development;
  • Identify and facilitate the formation and implementation of public private sector partnerships and joint ventures in the implementation of relevant projects.
  • Implement projects identified in the LED Strategy, IDP and in any other related strategies and plans;
  • Investigate, source and apply appropriate financial resources for project implementation and effective service delivery;
  • Promote stakeholder networking;
  • Undertake investment brokerage and investment aftercare


ANDA’s Programmes

ANDA has 5 Key programmes that cut across within the diverse sectors that drive the economy of the district. The programmes are structured to respond to the mandate and the core business of the agency. These are:

Program 1: Trade, investment promotion and facilitation

Programme purpose: To expose business and cooperative enterprise to domestic and international markets and trade.

Program 2: Resource mobilisation and stakeholder management

Program purpose: To ensure sustainability of the agency’s business model.

Program 3: Skills development and capacity building

Program purpose: To provide technical and non-financial support to business and SMMEs.

Program 4: Administration and Corporate Services

Programme purpose: To ensure effective administration, communication, marketing and all corporate services.

Program 5: Financial and Risk Management

Programme purpose: Sound financial and risk management.


ANDA’s Products and Services

ANDAs products and services are into financial and non-financial products. The product mix, depth and width are informed by the complex environment prevalent in Alfred Nzo and also dictated by the mandate and scope of work defined above. The products are:

  1. Grant Funding
  2. Grant with Equity
  3. “Siyaqhuba” Loan Finance
  4. Project Management Services/Municipal and Government Projects
  5. Skills Development and Capacity Building
  6. ANDA’s Investments and Revenue Generation

ANDA Service Delivery Model

anda service model

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